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Logo Design


Logo design is one of the most important areas and an integral part of flash design. The logo is the most indispensable part of a company’s site.

There are some advantages of using Logo design:

  •  promotion of the company in the market;
  •  the attraction of the potential customers to the company;
  •  a unique identity of the company.

When designing a logo, some important points should be taken into account:

  •  avoid being over-the-top in order to be unique;
  •  determine certain colors and avoid the abundance of colors;
  •  use vector graphics in order to have an opportunity of changing the logo     without loss of fidelity;
  •  take into account design and trademark legislation;
  •  avoid using religious icons or national flags.

Logo design can be also defined as the illustration of a business. The main purpose of logo design is giving the first impression of a company.

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