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Search Engine


A search engine is a  web site that provides searching information  on the Internet. Search engines let you find the right data in a short time.

Most of them are looking for information on sites in the World Wide Web. But there are also systems that are seeking goods in the online shops, files on the ftp servers and intranets, and  also information in newsgroups.

In a basis of search engine the search machine lays. It indexing sites on the Internet using a search robot, and gives out them according to inquiry of the user.

At present it is possible to allocate the most popular search engines:

  • Google - the most popular search engine among users. Has one of the greatest bases indexed documents (8 billion).
  • Yahoo! - has its own search engine Yahoo! Search. It accounted for 21.2% of search traffic on the American market.
  • MSN - search engine owned by Microsoft. Has its own MSN Search engine, and contains more than 5 billion indexed documents.
  • Yandex - most popular search system among Russian users. For search  Yandex engine is used.

However actual there is a question of improvement of work of search systems. The main problem are rangings search inquiries, and delivery of what most correspond to inquiry of the user.

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