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VoIP (Voice-over- Internet Protocol — IP Telephony)- communication system which allows to transfer speech signals, using the Internet or any other IP-networks. The signal is transmitted on the channel in digital form, which allows information to convey with minimal loss of quality.

The next VoIP protocols are used nowadays:

  • SIP ( Session Initiation Protocol ) - provides transfer voice, video, instant messaging, online games. It is One of the protocols underlying Voice over IP.
  • H.323- protocol is used for audio and videoconferences in telecommunications networks. H.323 standard is not related to the IP protocol, but most implementations based on this protocol.
  • SCTP ( Stream Control Transmission Protocol ), is used to manage the transfer of data in networks and subnets TCP / IP. It effectively deliver data to applications that do not require high bandwidth connection.
  • IAX2 ( InterAsterisk eXchange protocol ) protocol VoIP exchange data between IP-PBX Asterisk. Today is used for connections between clients and servers that support the protocol.

By transfer of the telephone traffic on technology VoIP the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) provides a numerical indication of the perceived quality of received media after compression and/or transmission.

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