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The anti-virus program  or antivirus - software, which is designed to search for, removal and treatment programs, infected by a computer virus. Now in the companies a plenty of the information is stored on computers in a digital form. The antivirus helps to save this information from various nocuous programs, and to reduce up to a minimum risk of infection of a computer.

The first anti-virus programs have appeared right after occurrences of viruses. Gradually, antiviruses gained popularity, and in their development the large companies already were engaged. Modern antiviruses use various original receptions that allows them to find out a plenty of different viruses.

For detection of viruses antivirus sofrware use following methods:

  • Scanning of programs for search of known viruses which are already stored in anti-virus base.
  • Detection of a suspicious code in the program, and revealing still unknown viruses (the heuristic analysis).

Basically, users are infected with viruses on the Internet. The most popular way is their distribution through e-mail when the letter with the attractive text comes, and the user himself starts the virus on the computer. Modern antiviruses scan post files, however training the user to safety rules is very important. It can essentially lower infection with viruses and nocuous programs.

Now antiviruses have turned from programs in the whole protective systems (Antivirus Kaspersky, NOD32, Symantec). They scan your computer online, check email attachments and at the same time serve as a firewall . In  turn firewalls (Outpost Firewall) also get some properties of anti-virus programs. It speaks about more and more fast development of means of information protection.

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