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To Acquire Corporate Collaboration Tools

Collaborative technology is essential to effectively organize work among geographically distributed offices and teams of the company, in order to deliver positive results. When your organization attempts projects on a global scale, and yet doesn’t incorporate intuitive and multi-functional collaboration technology, the end result will likely be found lacking. 

Collaboration tools, and especially portals, can be the key to the organization’s success in the marketplace, as they increase productivity and lead to greater profitability.

Too many companies use their collaboration software, including intranets, only or primarily for document storage and retrieval. Eldev offers comprehensive solution for enterprise collaboration functionality on Microsoft SharePoint technology.

We work with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0/2.0 and have experience with integrating these solutions with 3rd party systems. Eldev builds custom collaboration solutions and customizes and implements Microsoft solutions.

Comprehensive portal and collaboration solutions from Eldev based on MS SharePoint include the following functionality:

  • Document Management - rights and roles managed access, various customizable workflows, intuitive and easy document creation, change management and storage
  • Collaboration Tools - including knowledge sharing tools such as forums, wikis, blogs, social networks, and many more
  • Forms-based functionality - allows for secure data collection and storage
  • Business Workflow - document review and approval, issue tracking and resolution, and signature collection. Can be easily integrated with Outlook for more convenient work.
  • Web Content Management – users can set up their web pages and mini-websites for better and more convenient information sharing. Built in templates and defined rules facilitate the process.
  • Enterprise Search – single point of search for corporate, content, people, processes, and business data.
  • Business Intelligence – area where rich interactive business intelligence dashboards can be set up to collect and display information from various sources using built-in web parts.
  • Offline Work - access to portal data and document libraries through MS Outlook.