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To Implement CRM System

You know what CRM is, are well aware of all the benefits the implementation brings to the company and want to boost your profit by giving your sales and marketing depatment a powerfull customer intelligence tool. Not sure where to start and which solution is right for your company?

Whether you already have your mind set on specific solution, or are considering a custom solution, Eldev business analysts are one email/phone call away to find a right solution for you.

Start it smart and let Eldev Consulting experts analyze the existing problems and needs in order to define a clear set of goals to be reached with CRM implementation. Once that is done, they will proceed with advising on a type of appropriate CRM system, draft your “to be” business processes, create prototype of the solution and after your review and approval get system customization, development, integration and fine-tuning processes underway.

We also provide 3rd party components integration services, so you can be sure your new CRM functions perfectly in tandem with your ERP, ECM, Information portal and other software solutions already in place at your company.

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