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To Have ECM System In Place

In the situation when most of your business comes from your website and up-to-date content is a must, or you want to start using online collaboration system to optimize your internal document management processes and not being burried under a pile of documents which also get lost a lot – then ECM system is what you need.

We have vast experience in integration and customization of both top-line ECM solutions (MS SharePoint, EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet) and open source Alfresco, Nuxeo and proprietary solutions.

Learn more about our ECM customization and implementation services, which include but are not limited to:

  • System implementation
  • UI customization
  • Web parts development
  • Workflows tuning and development
  • Integration with 3rd party ERP/CRM/Accounting software
  • User training 
  • System support

Participate in our COMPLIMENTARY consulting program and learn which ECM solution is right for you!

Our specialists will take up to two weeks to identify the potential of MS SharePoint, IBM FileNet or EMC Documentum deployment for your company. Get free advice from the best in the industry!