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More Goals

To Have Web Site Designed and Built to Your Requirements

Today web site development is a complex process that includes web site design (or redesign), usability testing, application development, etc. The basis of a modern dynamic web site is a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS allows you to manage web site content – structure, texts, navigation, banners and other, and to make information updates if necessary without any special knowledge or technical skills.

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To Migrate Data from your legacy ECM to IBM FileNetP8 or MOSS

In order to prevent unfortunately frequent data loss and breach of integrity when migrating records from legacy ECM to new system, Eldev Consulting developed an internal ad-hoc content migration framework – DataWay. With DataWay the data transfer is quick, consistent, cost-effective and the risk of data loss simply does not exist.

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To Re-Engineer Business Processes

The business strategy is the primary driver of business process optimization and re-engineering initiatives.

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To Outsource Software Development

Eldev Company employs software programmers on the basis of outsourcing software development. The cost of offshore programming is lower than that of a usual one.

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To Transform Legacy System

Eldev offers legacy system transformation services supplying the people, processes, tools and methodologies for managing custom and packaged software applications.

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