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To Effectively Manage the Organization

To implement Customer Relationship Management System

You know what CRM is, are well aware of all the benefits the implementation brings to the company and want to boost your profit by giving your sales and marketing depatment a powerfull customer intelligence tool. Not sure where to start and which solution is right for your company?

To have Enterprise Content Management System in place

In the situation when most of your business comes from your website and up-to-date content is a must, or you want to start using online collaboration system to optimize your internal document management processes and not being burried under a pile of documents which also get lost a lot – then ECM system is what you need.

To Migrate Data from your legacy ECM to IBM FileNetP8 or MOSS

In order to prevent unfortunately frequent data loss and breach of integrity when migrating records from legacy ECM to new system, Eldev Consulting developed an internal ad-hoc content migration framework – DataWay. With DataWay the data transfer is quick, consistent, cost-effective and the risk of data loss simply does not exist.


To re-engineer business processes

The business strategy is the primary driver of business process optimization and re-engineering initiatives.