Serving medium size and large enterprises nationwide by building and customizing resourses planning, information and customer management solutions.

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Eldev is a nationally recognized consulting, professional services and solutions company that helps media, telecom, healthcare, and oil and gas companies improve business performance. We focus on Enterprise Information Management systems and services, working with leading technology vendors –Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM and EMC. We build and customize planning and management web and standalone solutions. 

We have vast expertise in building custom ERP and CRM solutions for companies operating in the healthcare industry, including clinics, hospitals and drug manufacturers. Our customers trust us with building, customizing and implementing information management, remote consulting, appointment management, customer management, medical compliancy applications and web portals for online booking and sales. Eldev offers solutions for healthcare and drug manufacturers on Microsoft, SAP and Oracle platforms. 
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The telecommunications industry introduces a number of challenges to companies operating in the market, and, in order to succeed custom software applications need to be developed and introduced in order to facilitate the most efficient delivery of services. Eldev specializes in building and customizing advanced accounting solutions, SMSC and USSD modules, inventory management systems, CRM solutions, online billing and rich portal solutions. We also design and implement VoIP solutions for telecom companies and offer quality assurance and testing services. 
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We offer a whole line of financial, customer relationship and supply chain management solutions for the media and entertainment industries that help film, broadcasting, music and publishing companies work more effectively. Eldev focuses primarily on the automation of intensive processes in the digital supply chain and supplies solutions for digital distribution, media streaming, web content management, and internal collaboration. Additional services, such as flash games and mobile applications design and development are also available to order at Eldev. 
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