Serving medium size and large enterprises nationwide by building and customizing resourses planning, information and customer management solutions.

To Develop a Custom Business Software Solution

Eldev Consulting specializes in enterprise software solutions development, customization and implementation. Respected industy professionals  working at Eldev build and fine-tune enterprise content management systems, customer relationship management sytems, business information portals and other enterprise resource planning and information management solutions.

In the situation when off-the-shelf software products don't have the required functionality, or are not flexible enough, Eldev Consulting can deliver a software solution that precisely matches your requirements. Our business analysts will work with you to identify your problem areas and prepare all the required technical documentation for the development team, so you can be sure the end product is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, with technology to match.

Eldev specializations are customer-specific solutions, including:

  • Design and development of CRM, SCM, ERP systems
  • Content management systems
  • Enterprise portals
  • Helpdesk tools
  • Backup Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
  • Intranets/Extranets
  • Payment and Billing Systems
  • VoIP and Wireless Software Solutions
  • Database development
  • Enterprise learning solutions/ e-learning

Different types of solutions, both standalone and web based developed by Eldev specialists have been successfully deployed in a number of industries.

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