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Eldev Has Launched iPhone Software Development Services

 Eldev Consulting announced the launch of software development services for iPhone.

Since App Store, a mobile software distribution platform, was introduction in July of 2008, the way of mobile applications delivery to consumers has been changed. The number of downloads App Store faced in its first weekend was about 10 million, and this number was 500million by early 2009. “These figures illustrate the acute customers’ demand for applications on the mobile software market,”- comments Ivan Fomin, the CTO of Eldev.

There is a variety of iPhone apps available nowadays, but if you have an idea of your own unique application, Eldev can help you to pass through all stages of custom iPhone application development (concept creation, development, implementation and testing, and finally product publication and support).

Moreover, if the implementation of the application will take more than 6 weeks, you’ll be provided with a demo version of the product, thus enabling you with additional control over the process of the app development.

To make sure the product under development meets Apple standards, works properly with expected rate under all supported localizations, Eldev team will apply a set of tests to it (such as functional, apple guidelines and usability, localization and performance quality assurance testing).

When the development and testing of the application is over, it needs to be reviewed by Apple, and once approved Eldev can help you designing a marketing campaign for your application and distribution.

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