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Eldev at Service-Oriented Architecture World Conference 2008

Eldev participated in the 14th International SOA World Conference and Expo 2008 West which took place in San Jose, CA, on November 19-21. 

Participation in the conference was of special interest for Eldev because it gathered industry professionals who were given a chance to share their success stories and experience related to SOA (service-oriented architecture). SOA provides methods for systems development and integration where systems group functionality around business processes and package them as interoperable services. According to industry analyst Gartner Group, in 2008, more than 60 percent of enterprises already use SOA as the guiding principle when creating mission-critical applications and processes. 

The 2008 Conference topics were related to the problems of SOA and Virtualization. Eldev’s representatives got a remarkable chance to listen to presentations and lectures given by seasoned SOA practitioners and take part in problem-solving discussions and idea-sharing.

All topics were covered with substantial theory, practical patterns and visual aids. The list of some topics includes: “Enterprise Mash-Ups”, “Convergence of B2B, SOA & BPM”, “AJAX, RIA & SOA”, 
“Complex Event Processing”, “Mixed Portal Environments”, “The Effect on Enterprise SOA”, “Service Virtualization”, “Managing Data Center” and more. 

Managers, executives, development team leaders and solutions architects from word-famous software development companies were invited to speak at the conference TUSC, IBM, Oracle, Sybase, XAware, and many more.

“This feels great to listen to what these truly outstanding professionals have to say. With such extensive expertise in software development, I guess, they can teach us how to prosper in the new era of IT agility. This is one more step towards general openness and interoperability in the industry”, said Ivan Fomin CTO of Eldev.  

About SOA World Conference 
SOA World Conference was first held in 1994, and has been organized every year since then. The conference founders invite CEOs, CTOs, senior architects, project managers, web programmers, web designers, UI architects and other people looking to stay in front of the latest web technology to attend and speak at the conference.