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Eldev won tender for web-based CMS redevelopment

Eldev Company won a tender, proclaimed by A1QA Software Testing Company. It includes web site redesign and redevelopment request. 

According to the tender conditions, A1QA looked for a company that could add some innovations to the site taking into account usability, administrative convenience, contemporary technologies and a minimal time frame. After a profound selection process among a number of companies A1QA gave their preference to Eldev Software Company.

This example is not the first collaboration experience with Eldev service-provider. Their business relations began in May 2006, when Eldev made a web site evaluation report for A1QA corporate site A1QA management highly appreciated these efforts, so that in December 2006 Eldev began new web site development for

These projects formed a well-grounded basis for further collaboration. A1QA choice in favor of Eldev once again shows the right direction of joint efforts.