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Release of pilot project based on .Net 3.0 framework, Vista compliant

The project consisted in elaboration of fax and document processing and delivery systems. The key aspect is a box-type solution oriented to be installed and used by non-technical people to work with documents, in particular fax workflow. Main technologies used for system's development were spotlighted .NET 3.0, .NET 2.0, Microsoft SharePoint Portal.

Among main functional components it is worth mentioning server converter of docs, client communication tool, address book, integration with Outlook extensions, archiving and storage functions, etc. Additionally solution has such enterprise features as user auto-enrollment; integration with Active Directory; different types of users; user groups and permissions.

One of the major goals is to integrate the system into the user business processes and tools to ensure seamless document exchange. For this purpose the system was integrated with a number of standard office and business applications: Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point (including MS Office 2007 version); Navision; Microsoft Dynamics Solutions; ACT!; MS CRM.

Other major aspect is that the solution is heavy configurable and can be customized to any network, hardware and software configuration. This was possible due to the large historical data and big client base.