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Consulting Services! Get To Know Your Business Better.

Independent consulting services are especially important on early project stages for setting project objectives and tools clearly, defining the project scope, and selecting a vendor. These aspects are considered to be the most important for IT outsourcing project success.

One of the particular tasks of consulting is algorithms development for your application, e.g. transportation algorithm. Further you will find the example of such an algorithm development.

For the first step we provide use Local search algorithm, and then improve it to Guided local search and then population algorithm. Local Search algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems are in general of pseudo polynomial running time and polynomial-time algorithms are often not known for finding locally optimal solutions for NP-hard optimization problems. Guided Local Search (GLS) is a general meta-stochastic search strategy for solving constraint satisfaction and optimization problems. It is a control strategy designed to sit on top of hill-climbing algorithms to help them to escape local optima. It has been applied to a non-trivial number of problems, including: artificial problems, standard optimization problems and real life problems and achieved excellent results in both efficiency (in terms of speed) and effectiveness (in terms of quality of solutions).

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