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Eldev invites you to meet at Interactive Austin 2009, April 27th


The conference will take place on Monday, April 27th, 2009, at the Norris Conference Center in Austin, Texas, and will consist of keynote addresses, panel sessions, and breakouts. The goal is to explore how social media enhances business and marketing strategies and adds to the bottom line.


As the interactive revolution accelerates changes to business processes, companies and organizations of all kinds are eager to understand and adapt to the myriad of challenges that they are facing. They need to know how to strategically and tactically integrate the many aspects of social media initiatives into their business and marketing strategies, with a view towards using these new tools to enhance revenue streams and profitability.


Interactive Austin 2009 is a one-day conference designed to bring the latest tools and techniques down to earth with compelling dialogues and case studies from prestigious speakers and panelists. The conference is moving from a "What is this?" focus to a "What do I do with this?" one.


To learn more about the conference and register go to Interactive Austin 2009 at


“Interactive Austin is a great event where companies can learn the newest Web 2.0 trends and practical applications of social media. The participants will have a perfect chance to explore the facts how social commerce increasingly impacts businesses and how to reach customers and clients” – says Ivan Fomin, CTO at Eldev.

Eldev designs and builds social media, digital distribution and enterprise tools and offers frameworks for quicker sites and portals set up and management.


Eldev team is looking forward to meet you at the Conference. Schedule a meeting with us at Interactive Austin or send your request.