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IT services provider satisfied with a custom SharePoint intranet portal implemented by Eldev Consulting.

Eldev Consulting successfully completed a long-term project for an international software development company with development centers in different countries, and more that 500 employees. The solution is a SharePoint based enterprise information portal designed to aggregate the remote offices and employees together into one collaboration environment.

The client company had a growing number of unstructured information, which required intense manual management. The data management processes were becoming increasingly costly and time-consuming and resulted in frequent information loss. The Customers needed a comprehensive solution for automation of company processes which would also be easy to operate and support.

Eldev customized and implemented a SharePoint-based enterprise content management system for their needs. The system – Company Intranet portal – provides the following solutions to the customers’ problems:


  • Secure access to shared data, interaction utilities, and to CRM through web interface.
  • Document, records, and business processes management.
  • The way of communication between employee within the organization (discussion boards, company news, forums, and a help desk).


The Intranet portal solution was implemented with the use of MS SharePoint server 2007, .NET, and Java platforms.

Eldev Consulting covered  all phases of Intranet Portal implementation: from requirements gathering and business analysis to ECM integration, employee  training, and system support.

The Customer is very satisfied with the way their business and document management processes are not streamlined. The Intranet Portal testing utilization proved 100% safe information transfer without any data loss.

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