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Eldev improves enterprise collaboration with Sharepoint Server 2007


Situation when different data, transmitted in different ways across different systems and servers, used in different ways is common for every organization. And just as common is the fact that information gets lost, misplaces, and is often inconsistent. The inability to find the requested information at the right time, issues with file sharing - all that may turn our everyday work into something we completely dislike.

Today a truly collaborative workplace needs to be equipped with extensive social and enterprise search tools, content management solution, web access for partners and customers and much more. And there is technology that can offer all that at a lower cost – Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007.

Eldev - a Microsoft certified partner with a proven collaboration solutions development competency -  is committed to customize and fine-tune the enterprise-ready, easy to scale and  manage Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 portal and collaboration solution to fit your precise business requirements.

Depending on the maturity of your IT ecosystems our consultants will help you envision, create and support an enterprise portal and collaboration solution, transforming the way people work together. With the early and easy access to Microsoft products Eldev can increase the value and effectiveness of cooperation among your employees, partners and vendors, and customers.

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