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Backup Manager Solution Project

Industry: Software Publishing

Technologies and Frameworks: C/C++ Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Fedora, Debian

Efforts: 96 man-months

The developed solution has a variety of features and satisfies multiple customer needs. In case you need to backup Microsoft databases, open or shared files, e-mail lists or accounts, at different scheduled times, the Backup Manager will cope with it successfully. The Backup Manager enables a fully automated backup process on a number of platforms and prevents common errors of traditional tape-based solutions, significatly reducing costs of manual maintenance.

The technical architecture of the solution is a realization of the three-tier model. Three layers of the system are the presentation layer (designed as a fat client), application server, and database layer.

System highlights:

  • Backup over Internet guarantees safety and remote access to backed-up data.
  • Incremental backup technology allows minimizing Internet traffic and optimizing backup speed (unchanged data is not sent repeatedly).
  • Data encryption and compression guarantees data confidentiality and reduces backup time.
  • File system backup stores the content of files and directories, including security attributes.
  • System state backup makes the snapshot of all important system files and settings. That enables restoring the system state for a certain time point.
  • Whole Microsoft SQL databases backup.
  • Microsoft Exchange mail databases backup (including accounts, e-mails, contact, appointments, etc.).
  • Shared folders content backup (including shared folders from other machines available in local network).
  • Open files backup with the use of Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy technology.
  • Integration with Windows Explorer allows restoring files and folders with a single click in Windows Explorer window.
  • Web restore feature allows accessing backed up data through web interface and downloading desired files and folders in a single zip archive.
  • To guarantee data safety in case of force majéur on server side, the backed up data are replicated regularly on other server.