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Backup Solutions Projects

E-Mail Migration Package

The migration of existing legacy mail records into new system is a real challenge for many companies. For that reason Eldev developed a Migration Suite — the tool which enables converting and migrating legacy email records confidently and with little effort. Details

Backup Manager Solution

Eldev developed a Backup Manager Solution for a leading European provider of automated backup software. The Backup Manager is a standalone application for small, medium and large business and service providers, including home, professional and corporate users. Substantial product advantages and a brilliant marketing strategy made this backup solution extremely popular across Europe. Details

Online Exchange Backup Service

This fast, safe, and easy to use solution is designed to ensure reliable backup of MS Exchange data over IP to an Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) backup bank. The Exchange Backup Service can be set to change the backup bank as well as reporting preferences and is customizable for different ISPs. Details