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Cancer Drugs Consumption Monitoring and Planning System

Eldev developed this solution to help National Health Services and Pharmaceutical Oncology Initiative Partnership with planning of resources required for providing cancer care services. The system is capable of simulation the chemotherapy services delivery process and visualizing the effects of planned changes depending on the amount and quality of resources available at any given point. Results are measured, patient’s waiting time is estimated, and drug consumption for different medical regimes is simulated, estimated and measured.

System highlights:

  • Chemotherapy delivery process simulation – effects of planned changes are visualized and measured when modes change
  • Estimation of patient’s waiting time
  • Drug consumption scenarios simulation for different medical regimes
  • Services capacity modeling within the defined timeframe
  • Synchronization of patient’s counseling sessions with the schedules of medical staff

Technologies Used:

Platform: Microsoft .Net 2.0

Programming Languages: C#, T-SQL

Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with installed Reporting Servicesp