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CRM Solution for Software Sales Company

A company selling desktop software for radio stations and TV studios ordered a customer relationship management system at Eldev to optimize their internal processes. By creating links between different pieces of information, Eldev developed a CRM solution following the principle of “everything is connected”.

The CRM solution allows collecting, storing and analyzing customer information. In addition to the standard functional CRM elements, the system includes planning and tracking features (a calendar option) and is integrated with Outlook/MS Office.

System highlights:

  • Easy-to-use solution. Easy customer and supplier information management (correspondence, calls, notes, etc), process management and sales tracking
  • Improved customer service. Facilitates building and maintaining long-lasting relationships after the initial sale
  • Increased business revenue. Business process automation and reminders allow efficient time and sales lifecycle management
  • Improved customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is gained through collecting, organizing and analyzing target markets and individual customer history
  • Convenient all-in-one system. Incorporated sales opportunity management, communication, scheduling, task management, data analysis, reporting and a company library

The attractive and intuitive graphic user interface simplifies the work of sales personnel involved in the process of customer relationship management . The system has client/server architecture and is integrated with other software products of the customer.

Industry: Software Publishing, Retail 
Technologies and Frameworks: Object Pascal, Java2, Firebird, MS SQL, COM, OLE, XML, JDBC, TCP/IP, JSSE, Unit Testing 
Efforts: 38 man-months