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Development and Testing of Complex Automation System for Mobile Operators

Eldev built and tested a complex information system aimed at automation of business and production activities, including the processing of billing data, network maintenance, invoincing and collecting payments for mobile services.

The system consists of the following subareas that needed to be tested:

  • Austomated billing system
  • CRM system
  • Cash payment collection system
  • Routing system
  • Information storage area
  • Document generation system
  • Delivery services data processing system
  • Control of account balance system
  • Cost evaluation system
  • Develired services info storage system
  • Service management sytem
  • Warehousing area
  • Resources management system
  • Reporting system
  • Global user access/authentication/audit area

Also a special testing model was created, with specific testing scripts for stress, load and functional testing developed and executed.

Technologies Used

Planning System: MS Project

Defect-Tracking System: Mercury Quality System and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (deployed on the customer side)

Structured Queries Language: SQL