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Documentum SmartRecovery Solution

Eldev extended Documentum SmartRecovery Solution with a special functional area similar to the Recycle Bin in operating systems. Additionally, we helped CYA move their SmartRecovery product to the next version of DCTM, and built a Service Pack with improvements for the product (support for DCTM 5.2.5, 5.3, on all Documentum platforms).

System highlights:

  • Capture/recovery of DCTM objects
  • Version control
  • Aspects, Lightweight, and Sharable objects support
  • Integration with WebTop, DCTM administration, Outlook plugin, DCTM desktop
  • Cross-platform


Industry: IT Administration

Technologies and Frameworks: Java 1.4/1.5, DCTM Content Server 5.2.5/5.3/6.0

Efforts: 46 man-months