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ECM Systems Projects

Delivery Management System

The application is a MS SharePoint-based EDMS product focused on documents and delivery management within multiple engineering projects, streamlining transmittals and review processes. Besides a set of engineering file support features and significant workflow enhancement, it offers automated tracking of document lifecycle. Details

File Management and Collaboration Solution for Engineering

Eldev redefines the concept of document management in the construction and engineering industries. Fast preview and redlining of engineering file formats, workflow-based collaboration on drawings review and approval, and open-ended oil-and-gas document taxonomies are implemented in the solution as an extension of the powerful functionality of FileNet in addition to basic ECM features. Details

SmartRecovery Solution

Eldev extended Documentum SmartRecovery Solution with a special functional area similar to the Recycle Bin in operating systems. Additionally, we helped CYA move their SmartRecovery product to the next version of DCTM, and built a Service Pack with improvements for the product (support for DCTM 5.2.5, 5.3, on all Documentum platforms). Details