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E-mail Migration Package

Industry: Software Publishing

Technologies and Frameworks: Microsoft .NET, Outlook MAPI Interaction

Efforts: 120 man-months

The migration of existing legacy mail records into new system is a real challenge for many companies. For that reason Eldev developed a Migration Suite — the tool which enables converting and migrating legacy email records confidently and with little effort.

Developed by Eldev, the software combines the effective multi-tier architecture with an innovative migration and conversion mechanism. The original approach to migration relieves users from downtime because the migration and conversion processes do not influence the actual mailboxes. That also means no after-hours work for IT staff.

The Migration Suite is designed as a client-server application based on the .NET framework and used mainly in enterprise intranets.

System highlights:

  • Flexible architecture allows migration between different systems
  • Outstanding performance for migrating large-scale data amounts (tens of millions of messages and terabytes of information)
  • Clear translation between various mail formats
  • Complete migration including calendar records, mail records, encrypted mail, and contacts information
  • Easily configurable migration environment and scope