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Management Solution for Insolvency Industry

Eldev built a beginning-to-end Insolvency Management Solution that features comprehensive estate management, automation of workflows, and processes and events management. It also has a built-in report writer, and is integrated with a web browser and a CRM system. The user-friendliness achieved by the intuitive user interface and synchronization with MS Outlook made it very familiar to today's professionals of restructuring and insolvency.

The solution complies with the needs of insolvency professionals and has become the major software on the Canadian bankruptcy market. The Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP) made an independent review and rated the solution Number 1 among Canadian insolvency software.

System highlights:

  • Insolvency Setup allows setting up and customizing other modules of the application.
  • Insolvency CRM handles bankrupts’ information.
  • Insolvency Banking allows creating accounting or finance documents with the use of data from her application modules.
  • Receipts & Disbursements submodule enables trustees to automatically distribute estate’s funds between creditors, trustees, and the government.
  • Insolvency Reports follows the information in other modules and supplies a set of built-in reports.
  • Migration Utility is intended for automatic migration of former database to the application's database, making it possible to work on the new software with old data.
  • Insolvency Documents module allows handling a complete set of both compalsory and ‘nice to have’ documents related to the restructure and insolvency process.
  • Online help and support from the product supplier is provided by a Home Server module.

The system's technical architecture is the three-tier model with the presentation layer (based on an advanced components library that extends standard Windows components), business logic layer (client side or server side), and database layer. The use of the .NET technology and a set of custom libraries enabled Eldev to build a secure solution in a short period of time.


Industry: Insolvency

Technologies and Frameworks: C#, .NET Framework 2.0, Windows Forms, .NET Remoting, ADO.NET

Efforts: 250 man-months