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MyDecider Application for iPhone

Industry: Telecommunications

Technologies and Frameworks: iPhone SDK 2.1, XCode IDE, Objective C

MyDecider is a decision making tool for iPhone & iPod Touch. It helps users to take decisions based on their ranked choices against different criteria. User can enter a question, which is followed by a set of multiple choice questions. The application calculates choice scores based on criteria rankings and importance.

The application relies on iPhone's UIKit framework for user interface presentation and QuartzCore framework to perform user interface animation. The application data is persisted using SQlite3 database engine. The application was designed to support immediate state saving if interrupted by an incoming phone call or other external event, so that the user never looses information.

The first version of the tool is now available at Apple Store. The second version is currently in development.

System highlights:

  • User interface animation
  • Current state saving if interrupted by an incoming call
  • List of choices and criteria 
  • Choice scores calculation based on their rank and importance