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Online Exchange Backup Service

Industry: Software Publishing

Technologies and Frameworks: .Net, ADO, CDO, C#, VB.NET, C++

Efforts: 24 man-months

This fast, safe, and easy to use solution is designed to ensure reliable backup of MS Exchange data over IP to an Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) backup bank. The Exchange Backup Service can be set to change the backup bank as well as reporting preferences and is customizable for different ISPs.

The product is written in C#.NET with the use of CDO technology that provided short development cycle and stability of the product. Advanced functional features are written in C++ and based on PInvoke .Net Framework technology and ADO. The solution has user-friendly GUI and supports multiple localizations.

System highlights:

  • The use of incremental backup method significantly decreases the amount of data sent over IP.
  • The data sent is compressed and encrypted to reach its high confidentiality.
  • Single file is distributed to all end users through Live Setup that automatically downloads all settings predefined by the distributor company.
  • Messages, contacts, public folders, and calendar items are backed up and restored from MS Exchange server via Exchange Backup.
  • Windows XP, Windows 2000 supported. Most features work under Windows NT 4.0 and newer versions.