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Online Marketplace for a Sports Auctioneer

This project combines benefits of both online marketplace and a customer relationship management solution representing real time auction drafting mechanism that offers a convenient and quick way for auctions preparation, league and players management and, of course, exciting process of team creation by means of auctions.

Despite complex functionality and technical constraints the system itself is simple and intuitively understandable for even beginner managers. Among its key functional elements it is worth mentioning user registration and management, auction mechanisms and its management, email notification of results, export/import auctions data mechanisms, help and FAQ sections, league management, and XML API integration among others. 

From the technical point of view this web application is based on Tomcat and MySQL servers. There is also a XML API developed to simplify the integration of the application into external ones. The client side, i.e. the front-end, is based on Java that gives a possibility to handle all functional requirements for the solution.


Industry: Entertainment, E-Commerce

Technologies and Frameworks: Java, JavaScript; HTML; SQL; XML/XSLT, JDK 1.4; Java Swing API; Java Servlet API; JSP; JavaMail API; JCE, JDBC, MYSQL 4.X, Apache Tomcat 4.X

Efforts: 100 man-months