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Online Payment Service Provider

Online Payment Service Provider serves as an aggregator uniting merchants of online payments and processing their transactions via an acquirer. The system was certified by associations of 3-D Secure programs, i.e. Visa, MasterCard Secure Code, J-Secure of JCB.

This online system provides cooperation and technical integration (x.25, HTTPS) with a number of leading banks worldwide: Citibank, Deutsche Bank, American Express, B+S, WorldPay, etc. The Merchant deposit monitoring module allows to conform to associations’ demands on risk management.

The solution is built in compliance with the traditional three-tier model: business logic, presentation and persistence (database) layers. Quick and stable solution was built by Eldev within a short period of time with the use of the previously developed libraries.

System highlights: 

  • Merchant Management and Contracting module is designed to manage sales activities, support merchants and monitor their activities.
  • Merchant Web Interface module provides merchants with online web access to their accounts for profile viewing, settings, managing merchandises, transactions and orders.
  • Merchant Payment Site module provides merchants with open interfaces to perform automated transactions for their customers.
  • Merchant Deposit Monitoring/Fraud prevention module monitors deposit activities. The module provides a powerful toolset for preventing fraud attempts and decreases the risk of financial losses.

Other functionality:

  • Reporting and statistics module enables observation of the application’s work and customer activities in real-time and provides various static and dynamic reports.
  • Chargebacks management module automates chargeback information management and is intended for formalizing and preparing arbitrage cases.
  • Customer support module allows online customer support on any aspect, including business, financial advice, technical problems, etc.
  • Cash Management and Payment module helps to control merchants’ debit/credit balance.
  • Admin Control module is intended for user administration and settings.


Industry: Banking and Finance

Technologies and Frameworks: J2EE, Java