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Personal Finance Saving System

The system is based on a special algorithm that simulates user’s behaviour on a bank’s website; it is also capable of overcoming the barriers for automatic systems that are usually set on such sites.

User's financial conditions related to the credit cards are analyzed by the system and new ways to decrease interest payments are suggested. The user can agree to the suggested offer and start saving money immediately.

At present the application supports eight largest USA banks: Bank of America, Chase, Discover, American Express, Advanta, CitiBank, Capital One, and Wells Fargo.

System highlights:

  • Suggestions to money savings
  • Regular updates of user’s account information 
  • Interactive operations with banks, e. g. balance transfer, increase of credit line, acquisition of bank password, etc.
  • Automatic filling of credit card applications
  • Tracking of user’s spending
  • E-mail and SMS notifications about credit card related events
  • Great security level due to the use of reliable encrypting and security mechanisms 
  • Links to news, financial resources, advice directly from the application
  • Problem report mechanism and easy-to-use help system

The solutiuon is a server-client Java application. The client side Windows Desktop application is based on MySQL databse with enhanced security. It also incorporates environment for the bank side interaction which guarantees safety of sensitive and private data. The integration mechanism with the bank side, SMS, and notifications is provided by the server side.


Industry: Banking and Finance

Technologies and Frameworks: Java 1.6, SWING, Acegi, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, JGoodies, Substance, Selenium, EJB, JFree, Derby

Efforts: 80 man-months