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Projects for Retail Industry

CRM for Print Order Management Company

Eldev developed an e-commerce solution for one of the largest manufacturers of 3D printers, which receives and processes order data, starts 3D printing, and generates order status reports. The system is closely integrated with customer records management system which eliminates any mistakes when shipping the orders. After several successful years of using the system the Customer has ordered an upgrade, which is currently under development by Eldev specialists.

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Online Community for a Music Store

Eldev created an easy to use and rich with features community portal, which made the communication between portal visitors simple and pleasant, adding to the overall pleasant online shopping experience.

The project is a web based .net application, containing all features and benefits of this technological approach.

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Online Marketplace

This project for a sports auctioneer provides the benefits of both online marketplace and a CRM solution representing real time auction drafting mechanism that offers a convenient and quick way for auctions preparation, league and players management. From the technical point of view this web application is based on Tomcat and MySQL servers.

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