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Z Print Order Management Solution

Industry: 3D Printing

Technologies and Frameworks: ASP.NET 2.0, C#

Efforts: 12 man-months

The Customer is one of the largest manufacturers of 3D printers, which are sold globally for numerous industries, such as architecture, manufacturing, geospatial industries, education, health care and entertainment.

The system receives customer order data from e-commerce systems, starts 3D printing and tracks order statuses during the process of printing. The software perfectly maintains correspondence between 3D print jobs in progress and customer record related to it, so that the Customer is aware of shipping the right 3D print to the right person.

The solution is integrated into the corporate infrastructure. The system also provides additional benefit of visibility of the acceptable delivery timing and the possibility to estimate labor and other costs.

The solution is developed on the ASP.NET technology with AJAX and SQL Server Reporting Services, its easy-to-use interface is based on AJAX, conforms to customer’s identity and has rich functionality.

At present Eldev specialists are in the process of developing the version 2.0 of the application.

System highlights:

  • Real time tracking of order status — from reception to its shipping
  • Integration with e-commerce systems via XML protocol
  • Integration with delivery/shipping software at the database level
  • Optimization of 3D Printer load to reduce everyday operational costs
  • Workflow automation by a built-in scheduler
  • On-demand reports generation option with the help of SQL Server Reporting Services 2005
  • Error analysis module for possible problems investigation during 3D printing
  • Failure tolerance system for error and crash recovery