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Data Migration

Transitioning from your legacy ECM system to IBM FileNet P8 or MS SharePoint brings up unique challenges, production system impacts, and data integrity risks. To provide quick, consistent, and cost-effective data transfer with minimal user impact and project risk, Eldev specially developed DataWay—an internal ad-hoc content migration framework.

DataWay comprises five main components

  • Reading Threads Pool
  • Writing Threads Pool
  • Incoming and Outgoing Connectors
  • Content Transformation Engine
  • Attributes Transformation Engine


DataWay will guide the migration procedure through 3 simple phases:

Phase 1. Analysis and Assessment

During the analysis phase, source and target content management systems are identified, and an API to access both systems is identified/presented/created. If you are not certain about the target platform, we always provide recommendations based on current business needs and strategic goals, as well as the existing IT environment.

Phase 2. Configuration

DataWay Content and Attributes Transformation Engines are provided with a set of predefined migration rules and preferences, and may require only subtle adjustments, with no need to write even a single line of code. Otherwise, the transformation engine is totally open to customization due to the provided API, and thus will instantly satisfy upcoming business needs on the support and maintenance stage.

Phase 3. Migration

Once the DataWay is installed and configured properly, the actual migration takes place. The speed of the migration depends on the amount (and type) of content and resources available (CPU time, memory, network). An applied thread-based model allows DataWay to take the most of the resources available and can be scaled to a set of servers connected into a single cluster to achieve even higher performance and ensure the maximum speed of the transition.

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