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Mobile Development

Whether you have a great product idea or are looking to add a mobile interface to your existing solution, Eldev is here to help you with development and delivery of your ideas to the market.

Eldev’s Mobile Development Division offers following iPhone software development services:

Product Concept Creation

Eldev will transform your idea into an integrated application design that offers users a unique iPhone experience. You will receive complete, detailed specifications ready to submit for development.

We create interface navigation schemes and design mockups, showing samples of interface screens for your future application. Receive detailed products requirements and a quote on development and publication costs when you submit  your request. 

Why wait? Get your product published in AppStore and start making money today!


Product Development, Implementation and Testing

During this stage, your iPhone product is implemented by our software engineers and then tested by our quality control team. For products requiring more than 6 weeks implementation, we present you with intermediate demo versions of the final application. 

You receive the source code, updated documentation, artwork and everything else needed to publish and maintain your product. 


Product Publication and Support

Once you have received your product, it needs to be submitted to Apple for review and approval. In certain cases, review may require some product modifications. If you register us in your iPhone development account, we are able to act on your behalf and manage the registration process.We also develop product improvement strategies and plan future versions.