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Custom iPhone Applications

Product Concept Creation

You already have an idea for a new iPhone application. Now it needs to be converted into a great product concept, and then into an application that is easy and fun to use. Every aspect of the application must be carefully defined in order to maximize the unique iPhone experience.

Get the most from specific features like:

  • Multi-touch
  • Accelerometer
  • GPS
  • Integration with Google Maps, Address Book and others

Eldev will help you collect and outline your product requirements and create detailed specifications.

We create interface navigation schemes and design mockups, showing samples of interface screens for your future application.

We give you a full set of product requirements with details on the remaining cost of development and publication.

Get your product published in AppStore, start making money today! 

Extra Benefits

Do you know your competition? We provide you with a competition analysis report. We show your position against similar products on the market, with a focus on regional markets.

On the basis of this information, you get advice on localizations for your product.

During the implementation stage, we perform the necessary application localization, providing language support in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish and other languages.

Product Development, Implementation and Testing

During this stage, your iPhone product is implemented by our software engineers and then tested by our quality control team. For products requiring more than 6 weeks implementation, we present you with intermediate demo versions of the final application. You can monitor progress, provide early feedback on required changes and use this version for product demonstrations, with which our team is happy to assist you.

Intermediate versions are distributed using an ad hoc model, based on the set of iPhone device IDs you provide.

The following types of testing are used:

  • Functional Quality Assurance: We verify all standard use cases, based on product requirements.
  • Apple Guidelines and Usability Assurance: We ensure that the product meets all Apple-defined standards and is easy to use for target user groups.
  • Localization Quality Assurance: We ensure that your product keeps working well under all supported localizations. 
  • Performance Quality Assurance: We ensure that your product is efficient in different usage scenarios (relevant for traffic-intensive, data-intensive or computation-intensive applications). 

Product Publication and Support

Product Publication and Marketing

Before distributing your application, you must first apply for the iPhone Developer Program which requires about two weeks for processing.

The program should be at the same time as concept creation and implementation. Should you have any questions, we are ready to assist.

Once you have received your product, it needs to be submitted to Apple for review and approval. In certain cases, review may require some product modifications. If you register us in your iPhone development account, we are able to act on your behalf and manage the registration process.

Support and Development of Later Product Versions

Every good product needs to be continuously improved to remain competitive. Eldev offers support services and is eager to analyze feedback from end users in order to identify the most critical points for future improvements.

Based on your vision of product evolution, future versions are to be determined and implemented following the same processes as described here