Serving medium size and large enterprises nationwide by building and customizing resourses planning, information and customer management solutions.

Technology Consulting

Eldev focuses on business analysis and application development consulting services. Examples of IT consulting engagements include: business analysis services; planning and design of custom software; quality improvement; application performance assessing and development; technical recommendations; software project specifications creation; requirements management.

Business analysis services are important when taking IT-investment decisions.

Eldev consulting services offer includes:

  • Software development project planning and design
  • Functional and technical specifications development
  • Recommendations on business and technological compatibility
  • Solution customization and implementation

Focus on answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of technologies should be used for application?
  • What new technologies are coming up and how your company can benefit from them?
  • What will happen with today’s IT investments tomorrow when requirements change?
  • How can your business benefit from IT innovations?  


The deliverables of consulting services are written reports, presentations, and specifications with analysis, recommendations, plans, and designs.