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QA and Testing

ISO 9001 Quality AssuranceEldev provides the following Software Quality Assurance services:

Software Testing and Related Services

Functional Testing for all types of software implies ensuring that your software and all its components function correctly and conform to the requirements, business processes, and the overall software business logic. Our specialists use a combination of manual and automated tests.

Testing Automation allows reducing the personnel and time for testing, extending the test coverage and depth within the same budget, and, in this way, reducing the product time-to-market. Along with producing automated tests Eldev pays a great deal of attention to the return on investment gained with automation, and to the proper integration of testing automation into existing SQA processes.

Performance and Stress Testing is targeted at performance improvement, and is used to check the performance and stability of your software under simulated conditions very close to the real operating conditions. Combinations of various specialized tests are used to determine the stability of the software, both under normal operating conditions and beyond the normal operational capacity, often to a breaking point.

Usability and User Interface Testing and Evaluation are used to improve the end users’ experience with your software, make their work easier and clearer to understand. This increases the total software efficiency, attracting more users, and creating better marketing. Usability is appraised by both real users and expert evaluation to find ways to improve your software, and to resolve its potential use problems and bottlenecks before they arise.

Localization Testing is designed to check the interface of your software and the correctness of its work with localized country- and language-specific environments, all of which promote better international marketing. All the tests are held on localized operating systems, i.e. the end-user working environment.

Compatibility Testing is conducted to determine if your software is compatible with different computing environments—different combinations of various operating systems, browsers, other software, and hardware platforms. In this way, this service leads to wider use and better marketing of your software.

Security Testing offers a range of methods to ensure that your software provides reliable user and system security and protects users from theft or loss of their private and sensitive data and from any intrusions. The service can have variable coverage to test all of the required security aspects.

Documentation Services are designed to provide professional, user-friendly and clear user guidance, administration, promotional, and other documentation for the developed software. This documentation can be adapted to multiple target audiences and can be provided in multiple languages, thus facilitating the international use of the software.

Software Consulting Services

  • SQA Process Audit and Improvement is used to optimize the SQA process. Eldev best experts in setting up quality assurance processes will analyze your existing procedures, with special attention given to their efficiency in regard to the business/product objectives, and the strengths and weaknesses these procedures. At the same time, our experts can build processes from the ground up. As a result of the analysis, our customers get recommendations on process restructuring, possible improvements, and optimal ways of their implementation.
  • In-House Independent QA Team Setup. With this service you get professional management specialists who work at your premises to establish your own independent QA team, select people with the right expertise, organize training, and refine all the work and management processes inside the team so that you can properly pursue your own software testing activities in the future. This service can be based on the results of our own SQA Process Audit or can rely on other software testing services.

Other Services

Issue-Tracking Database Management allows customers to set up a single defect management point in order to store information on all software defects, create bug reports, and monitor the overall project quality, which is especially important when working with multiple contractors. Such management can be available for your projects freeing you from having to choose the right defect management solution, hosting provider, best lifecycle, system support, etc.

Domain Expertise

Knowing your customers' business is important to properly perform the SQA function. Such knowledge guarantees that testing results will be relevant from the very beginning of the project, without prolonged training and education of SQA engineers. Continuous work on your product will improve this even further.

  • Automotive Industry
  • Banking and Finance
  • Construction
  • E-Commerce
  • Education and E-Learning
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Oil and Gas
  • Real Estate and Property
  • Retail
  • Software Publishing
  • Telecommunications

Process, Tools, and Supported Platforms:

Eldev pays close attention to having strong and effective work processes. We invest much into their thoroughness, depth and constant improvement, which is confirmed with our ISO 9001 certification. We ensure an individualized approach to each customer to promote his business objectives to the fullest. In our work we use a wide range of technologies and are always staying on the edge of the newest technology trends.

Quality, in a wide sense, is a vital success factor for every software product or service—in today’s highly competitive environment only the best software succeeds. There is no way to create lasting products or services without dedicated Software Quality Assurance (SQA) being implemented throughout all phases of product lifecycle. To satisfy this demand, Eldev provides the full range of SQA services.

Independent (from Development Team) QA vs. Dependent (Within Development Team)

There are two natural options to implement the SQA activities—to have it independent from the development team (the independent QA team reports directly to the customer), or rather have it as part of your existing development team (the QA team reports to the development project manager, who has the final say on all questions). Industry experience clearly indicates that the independent QA option delivers the best results, and which gives you a true picture of the quality. The independent QA is clearly focused to reveal all issues as early as possible. Naturally, this is the opposite of the dependent QA scenario, when the development project manager may be more assured about the current status of the project, but hidden problems may be revealed at much later stages of product development.