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Mobile Content Development


Content development is the process, composed of researching, writing, acquisition, organizing, and editing the entire information for the publishing on web sites. The content of a Web site includes such elements as attractive pictures, graphics, prose, different recordings, movies or other media assets that could be allocate by a hypertext transfer protocol server and treated by a web browser.

One of the latest prospective trends of telecommunication business is a paid mobile content for cell phone owners such as ring tones, logotypes and Java games, determined by the fact, that production and sale of the "next generation" cell phones with WAP browsers, polyphony and color images support has increased dramatically.

A great popularity of entertainment services provided by mobile telecommunications companies led to the fast growth of various content projects in the Internet; such as ring tones, logos and Java games for download through WAP.

The work scheme for most sites providing paid mobile content for cell phone users consists of   picking up an item, which the users like on the web site, and sending by the user an SMS message with the number of the chosen item to the specified phone number. Then the user gets an SMS message that contains URL for download of the item and downloads the item with the help of WAP browser of the cell phone.

There also exist independent WAP sites with a catalogue for ordering ring tones and logos.

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