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Recent report of researchers of comScore Networks group showed that about one fourth of all North American PDA devices owners, i.e. 5 millions people, are active Internet users. In the USA as well as anywhere in the world more and more people prefer to use mobile PDA-devices to get information from the Internet. In the nearest future, if a company doesn't have web site, WAP site and PDA site available to customers, this will be considered as unprofessional. The results of carried out research speak about the fact that it is necessary for a company to have its own corporate PDA site (please read below).

First of all, users of wireless devices and PDA in particular are mostly young people. A bigger part belongs to the age group from 18 to 34. Secondly, 59 per cent people using portable mobile devices have pretty high income more than $60,000 a year. The last index is much higher than that of PC users. Concluding that some preferences of PDA users are pretty interesting for marketing, as they often look for information in major business Internet resources; they are also regular clients of companies working in real estate market, car rental services and travel agencies.

Results of forecast published in Computer Industry Almanac became an illustrative addition to this report. Its analysts point out that by the end of the year 2005 all "virtual population" of the Earth will reach an impressive number 1.12 billion people. Those using various wireless devices for Internet access will be a great part of all Internet surfers. It is worth noticing that in the nearest future users will use mobile devices as often as PCs for Internet access.

What is PDA site? To create a PDA site usual HTML is used, nevertheless, PDA sites are different from usual web sites that we see in PC browsers. The matter is that a bigger part of modern PDA devices have a limited memory, pretty simple browsers (Opera for Symbian OS, Pocket Internet Explorer, PocketLink and so on) and low screen resolution. That's why for PDA compatible site version a special page mark-up used. While developing PDA sites we use little graphics and try to keep the page size to minimum.

Advantages of PDA Site: PDA site are available any time and anywhere in the world and doesn't require a PC for viewing;a big number of PDA users are active Internet-surfers; PDA users are potential buyers of your goods and services due to the high purchasing power; PDA site is a perfect method of image positioning for companies of any size.

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