Serving medium size and large enterprises nationwide by building and customizing resourses planning, information and customer management solutions.

Vertical Markets Expertise



Medicine and healthcare

Together with leading healthcare consulting companies, Eldev has developed information management software and remote consulting systems to help pharmaceutical companies stay competitive in the heavily regulated industry without compromising the quality of products. We implement and customize top of the line ERP and CRM systems and build custom solutions for healthcare services providers – from private clinics to national drug manufacturers.  

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Eldev builds solutions that enable telecom services providers deliver new, more sophisticated packaged services to market faster. We have profound experience in building and deploying web portals and online billing solution, network inventory management solutions, advanced accounting systems, CMS solutions for medium and large size companies in the telecommunications industry nationwide.

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Mass media and Entertainment 

Software solutions for media and entertainment companies  allow to streamline and automate manually intensive processes in the digital supply chain. These deployments span the film, broadcast and music industries, all of which share common challenges arising from the explosion of digital media. We offer a whole line of financial, customer relationship and web solutions that help businesses work more effectively.

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Retail and Distribution

Online shops and retail portals, CRM systems, supply chain management (SCM) solutions, sales order processing, marketplaces and auctions, integrated billing solutions, CMS and E-commerce frameworks for easy and fast set up  and management of online store.