Serving medium size and large enterprises nationwide by building and customizing resourses planning, information and customer management solutions.

Healthcare and Medicine

Together with leading healthcare consulting companies, Eldev has developed information management software and remote consulting systems to help pharmaceutical companies stay competitive in the heavily regulated industry without compromising the quality of products. We implement and customize top of the line ERP and CRM systems and build custom solutions for healthcare services providers from private clinics to national drug manufacturers.

Custom ERP and CRM solutions built by Eldev for clinics and hospitals include:

  • Customized Enterprise Resource Planning systems development and implementation
  • Hospital Information management systems
  • Remote consulting systems
  • Appointment management systems
  • Customer Relationship Management software
  • Medical personnel e-reporting systems
  • Medical compliancy applications (HIPAA)
  • Web applications, portals for online presence and online sales
  • Health records management /Content management/ Knowledge management applications
  • Doctor Schedule reminder applications (mobile)

Eldev custom ERP/CRM software solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers can significantly simplify  the critical workflows, including warehouse management and purchasing, manufacturing process automation, product tracking and tracing as well as electronic records management. We work with the leading technology vendors and offer ERP/CRM solutions for healthcare and drug manufacturers on Microsoft, SAP and Oracle platforms.

Our major clients are:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Health Insurance companies
  • Drug manufacturers
  • Research drug distribution companies
  • Medical research organizations

Featured case studies

Adult Day Care Services Management System

Eldev developed and implemented the information management system for the largest adult day care services provider. The system serves all the customer locations, links them together in a common information sharing environment, and facilitates compliance with strict local, state and federal regulations.

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Custom ERP System for Hospitals and Clinics

Implemented in multiple midsize and large hospitals and clinics, this ERP solution has flexible customization mechanisms for creating custom workflows in different locations, has an advanced warehousing module and is very intuitive and easy to operate.

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Web-based radiology information system

This custom application has been installed in 11 hospitals nationwide to facilitate the work of radiologists, transcriptionists and administrators in providing immediate professional radiology services. Patient and order information is stored in the system, while the actual review, analysis and diagnosis are performed by the responsible professional. Different functionalities for various roles are available. The system enables digital transfer of the examinations in DICOM format from 15 free-standing imaging centers and doctors' offices.

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Cancer Drug Consumption Monitoring and Planning System

Eldev developed this solution to help National Health Services and Pharmaceutical Oncology Initiative Partnership with the resource planning required for providing cancer care services. The system is capable of simulation the chemotherapy services delivery process and visualizing the effects of planned changes depending on the amount and quality of resources available at any given point. Results are measured, a patient’s waiting time is estimated, and drug consumption for different medical regimes is simulated, estimated and measured.

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