Serving medium size and large enterprises nationwide by building and customizing resourses planning, information and customer management solutions.

Media and Entertainment

Eldev builds solutions that enable media and entertainment companies to streamline and automate manually intensive processes in the digital supply chain. These deployments span the film, broadcast and music industries, all of which share common challenges arising from the explosion of digital media. We offer a whole line of financial customer relationship and supply chain management solutions that help businesses work more effectively.

Eldev solutions and services for media and entertainment companies:

  • Digital distribution solutions (production and delivery systems, deal tracking systems, licensing management, social networking tools)
  • Flash games (interactive presentations, widgets)
  • E-learning solutions (e-learning environments, product tours)
  • Mobile solutions (mobile promo games, iphone applications)
  • Corporate sites and portals (intranet collaboration portals, promo web sites, e-commerce solutions, marketplaces, auctions, online booking systems)
  • Media streaming solutions (media players, digital archiving and backup)
  • CRM and ERP systems (integrates managed services for film studios, broadcasters, global media enterprises and advertising agencies, monitoring tools, CRM plug ins)
  • Content management solutions (advanced web CMS systems, ECM solutions from leading vendors - Microsoft, IBM, EMC)

Featured case studies

Universal E-Library System for State Universities

The goal of the portal was the integration of various processes and applications into an e-library for a number of state universities. The portal provides better experience for end users, and enables them to browse and retrieve information online. The biggest challenges were the automated scanning and indexing of pentabytes of information and the organization of an effective search.

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Web Music Portal

The online music portal solution is designed to provide a wide range of media content for end-users, including web access to media data from computers and mobile devices. Much attention was given to the quality of real-time streaming and download. The solution supports multiple browsers and media players, and has an integrated sound converter engine providing music files conversions between FLAC, OGG and MP3 formats.

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Custom ERP for Media Company

The solution is highly customized, yet flexible and was built to allow easy integration with other systems already in place, including the legacy ECM system. The ERP system offers a complex solution for registration, control, planning and analysis of all parts of the company’s activities in real-time mode.

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Advanced CMS for Gambling Portals

Eldev built a custom CMS solution that handles content of two web portals for the online gambling giant, with each portal visited by 20,000 users a day. The solution incorporates general and dynamic CMS functionality: content editing and publishing, feeds loading, geo-IP logic, analytics system integration, multilingual content, promotions management and much more.

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