Serving medium size and large enterprises nationwide by building and customizing resourses planning, information and customer management solutions.


Eldev builds and customizes solutions that facilitate the delivery of new, sophisticated packaged services to market faster!

Services and Solutions for telecom companies include:

  • Mobile Content Delivery Solutions
  • Mobile to mobile money transfer solutions 
  • Advanced accounting solutions (blocking calls or calls at administrators' expense, restricting services)
  • SMSC and USSD modules development and integration (content downloads, advertitsing)
  • Inventory management systems and reports generation modules
  • Payment and billing systems, including automated invoicing, self-management services, integration with customer relationship and accounting systems
  • CRM Systems (sales and downloads management, marketing tools and help desk services)
  • Portals and online billing solutions
  • Fraud management systems 
  • Location-based services and GIS solutions
  • Applications Testing services

Eldev helps telecom companies to:

  • Improve the quality of services provided
  • Optimize the cost of telecom services delivery
  • Increase the security level for data exchange
  • Make billing and payment processes accurate and transparent

Featured case studies:

Integrated Multi-Functional Web Portal

The project is a sophisticated, multi-functional web portal integrated with the enterprise information system of a leading telecom company. Three major functional areas are available: static (provides basic information about the company, its services and assets), dynamic (features popular value added services, such as online content, news, blogs, social networks, etc) and interactive (various online forums). After the registrationand login process clients can also customize their online space on this portal.

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Custom Content Management System for Conferencing Services Provider

Eldev built a custom web-based content management system for “Genesys extranets”. Genesys, an international provider of conferencing services like audio, video, and web, used this solution to present services to customers. In managing hundreds of extranets, Genesys found it was crucial to create new solutions and easily maintain the existing ones in the process of sales.

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Development and Testing of Complex Automation System for a cluster of Mobile Operators

Eldev built and tested a complex information system aimed at the automation of business and production activities, including the processing of billing data, network maintenance, invoicing and collecting payments for mobile services.

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VoIP Solution for Telecom Company

This product is a beginning-to-end solution designed to provide effective and complete communication for online community users. It is a VoIP solution based on open SIP protocol.

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